About 30 NINJAS

Posted on: March 30th, 2009 by Sean No Comments

We write and produce things we think are cool. There are a lot of buzz words for them: interactive narrative games, transmedia projects, multimedia stories etc.

This is our criteria:
Good story
Great interaction (both social and one-to-game)
High quality production
Heck of a lot of fun

We also have an action blog that we’ve not updated in a long time but we still love. Because We love action. We don’t care if the sequences come from movies, TV, homemade clips, video games, mixed martial arts, or other sporting events. We love the 30-car pile-up, Arnold brandishing 30 guns, and the 30 cutlass-wielding Caribbean ghost pirates. We love the 30 ways of achieving a parkour pratfall, the 30 teeth lost in a good hockey brawl, and the 30 laws of physics that high-flying daredevils routinely ignore.

We certainly respect a tight story, well-drawn characters, and snappy dialogue, but take those elements and throw in 30 ninjas in 30 bad moods, and that’s a great movie. This site is a high-octane collection of the world’s best action videos, some of the worst, and a bit of behind-the-scenes.

Our team:

Doug Liman

Founder, Writer, Producer: Julina Tatlock

David Bartis

Associate Producer and Writer: Max Tedaldi

Writer Ralph Fiennes Blog: Andreas Wiseman

Gaming Associate Producer and WriterAngelo D’Argenio

If you have a question, comment, or site issue please address them to julina@30ninjas.com.